Yazan: Ahmet Şerif İzgören
Seslendiren: Audra Parker

Dear Friends,
Uncle Şerif, who cheerfully visits all around Turkey
and gives speeches in Children Protection Institutions
with ladybugs has now written a book for you. He had
stories to tell. He knew that there were things we had
to realize while growing up. He said, “Let there not be
any children left that I have not met, let me touch them
with my words and stories” Who will you meet while
reading the book? The real ladybugs. If you wish, you
could be a White Ladybug, too. You ask, how? By doing
the favours Uncle Şerif suggests.
Theme: Who we are
Concepts and Key Words: INDIVIDUAL AND SOCIETY,
differences, solidarity, hospitality, COMMUNICATION,
entrepreneurship, quality of work, VIRTUES, decisiveness
Attitudes and Values: Tolerance, curiosity, being eager,
acting independently, cooperation, justice, respect, love,
responsibility, honesty, friendship, helpfulness, patriotism
Profile Features: Principled, sensitive 

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