Yazan: Ahmet Şerif İzgören
Seslendiren: Scott Kanning

Turkey of 1928, a country that has just come out of war, mysterious letters that have been waiting to be read for years, the codes to be solved, the roads that have been destroyed, the secret in the painting, the monastery on the island, secret agencies and a mysterious duty to be fulfilled... Erim, his best friend Zafer, Nisan and her twin sisters Sanem and Simin… Are you ready for a journey full of adventure and events that you would never guess? Stay calm! The end may not be as what you expected at all. Theme: Where you are in terms of time and space Concepts and Key Words: NATIONAL STRUGGLE AND ATATÜRK, republic, historical personalities, places, OUR NATIONAL CULTURE, family, friendship, relationships, courage, connection, SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, discovery, research, using the proofs, problem solving, entrepreneurship Attitudes and Values: Appreciating the value, curiosity, creativity, cooperation, trust, honesty, respect, love, patriotism Profile Features: Questioning, risk taking, sensitive, thinking alternately

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